Want to Sell Your Paintings?

I am a private collector seeking any and all works of art by Alfred Hair, Harold Newton, R. A. McLendon, and all of the other original Florida Highwaymen. I am not a dealer or reseller, but a Florida native who enjoys the Highwaymen artwork and avidly collects it. I also collect other artwork by many different artists depicting my home state of Florida.

I desire to preserve this artwork, not to sell it. 

I will pay cash today for your Highwaymen artwork.

I am only interested in original paintings, no prints or lithographs.

I am also actively seeking artwork by Florida’s Beanie Backus and other artists who have depicted Florida in their work, such as Herman Herzog, Anthony Thieme, Frank Shapleigh, and others.

To ensure a quick evaluation of your painting, email a copy to me, including the artist’s size and name who signed it.

[email protected]

You may also call me now, but email is the fastest way to reach me.

(954) 546-1134. 


If I can’t answer then, please leave a message describing the artwork you have on my voicemail stating the artist’s size and name who signed it.