Roy A. McLendon, Jr. (b. 1932)

Roy A. McLendon, Jr. grew up painting Florida landscapes. As a child, Roy Jr. sketched and painted. When Roy Jr. was in high school, he and his father, original highwayman R. A. McLendon, Sr., would sit side-by-side and paint; sometimes, they painted the same specific Florida scene from two points of view. Roy Jr. sold paintings years before some of the artists who are now called Highwaymen had started painting. Roy Jr. enjoyed the excitement of creating and the dynamics of the original artists. He accompanied his Dad on trips to the Backus Studio (local artist A. E. Backus) plus visiting Mary Ann Carroll (the only female artist included as a Florida Highwaymen). The Ft. Pierce painters came together at the Backus Studio to exchange ideas, look at each other’s artwork, and socialize. By the 70s (still in his teens), Roy Jr.’s paintings were selling with his Dad’s. Highwayman artist Al Black said he sold Roy Jr’s paintings with the other artists’ works. Like other Highwaymen artists, Roy, Jr. considered different ways to sign his paintings, and for a while, during the 1970’s he signed as McLendon R. J. (representing McLendon Roy Jr.). However, early-on he changed it and decided to sign his paintings R. A. McLendon Jr.

Roy McLendon still paints but now has a doctorate in theology and pastors a church in Vero, Florida. He is also a father to five children with his wife, Carla.